What is digital transformation?

At Matakite Online Trust of New Zealand, we believe that digital transformation will allow you to deliver more services, build more relationships, gather more data, attract more volunteers and donors and streamline your processes. In the tech world that is called Process Alignment but we say that once you are on the path to digital transformation, it’s simply building back better!

What is process alignment and why do we need it?

In the digital world you are going to do things differently because the technology allows it. You may need to reconsider your vision, your mission and your goals and objectives may be more ambitious. Once you have done that, you will review the processes you have within your administration, your service delivery, your recruitment, your marketing and fundraising. Process alignment means that your processes are in tune with your new or updated vision and mission. The ultimate goal of process alignment is to create a streamlined and efficient organisation that is capable of achieving its objectives in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible.

How can we help you to build back better?

Our services include:

  • Mapping – We can look at your existing processes, identify areas that can be improved with technology or new applications and develop strategies for improvement.
  • Improvement – We focus on improving your productivity, reducing costs, expanding your services, identifying volunteer skills, marketing, gathering relevant data and building donor relationships

Why Choose Us?

We know the non profit and charitable sector inside out. We know the key differences between you and a commercial operation. We know your pain points and your challenges, especially around budgets and costs. Thanks to commercial sponsorship, grant funding and donations we can deliver our service to you in the most cost effective way. Our founders both understand that charities and non profits need different solutions than a commercial enterprise. Heather Newell has worked in the non profit sector and local government in fundraising, organisational consultancy, digital inclusion and digital transformation for over 30 years. Dr Vinay Karanam has an international background in engineering, process management, organisational consultancy and digital transformation.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organisation to use digital technology for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We look forward to working with you to achieve your charitable objectives and make New Zealand a better society.